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AKSCO Construction, Inc. was awarded 2012 Finalist Community & Business Builder of the Year by the Marana Chamber of Commerce on August 21, 2013 at the Highlands at Dove Mountain.

Tips to Consider when Remodeling

Consider your stay. Are you planning to live in your home for the next 5, 10 or 30 years? The shorter your plan to stay in the home means you should try to not inject your own personal style into the remodel – this may make it harder to sell/connect with a buyer. If you do plan to live in the home for a longer period of time after remodel – you should frame your remodel selections to fit your styles and tastes, and age related needs of the persons living in the home.

For example a bathroom remodel would take into consideration the needs for an aging person such as a walk in shower, seating and a comfort-height toilet. If the person is in a wheelchair, a roll-in shower is a perfect solution for convenient and safe bathing.



Are you Living with Undersized Pipes?

When remodeling the kitchen or laundry room you may want to change your electrical appliances to gas models: gas range or cook top, gas oven, gas clothes dryer. And this is a straight forward operation (provided you have gas coming into your home now.)

The biggest factor becomes the size (that is, the diameter) of your current gas line.

If it is under sized you will never get enough gas to your cook top to boil a pot of water efficiently. Like wise, your wet clothes will take “forever” to dry.

Many homes have never been upgraded to a larger size gas line for the appliances when the appliances were changed from electric to gas by an owner. If you think this is your problem, give us a call…(520) 326-7689 and we’d be glad to check it out.

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